Tayseer Khaled: Netanyahu Proposes Provocative Measures to Evade Political Solution

Member of the Political Bureau of the Democratic Front for the Liberation of Palestine (DFLP), and member of the Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO), Mr. Tayseer Khalid described the provisions that PM Netanyahu frequently reiterates and talks about for solving the Palestinian – Israeli conflict as provocative, and no more than creating excuses to get rid of the rights of the peace settlement

This statement came in response to Netanyahu’s remarks on the 50th anniversary of Israeli aggression against the neighboring Arab countries in June 1967, in which he claimed that the State of Israel is seeking peace and that requires Israeli security control on the West Bank, and the Palestinians to recognize Israel as a homeland for the Jewish people. This not only means the Palestinian side to surrender for any possible political settlement, but to recognize the Balfour Declaration after 100 years on its issuance, and moreover, to accept the presence of the Israeli occupation army and settlers in the West Bank, including Jerusalem.

Khaled stresses on the urgent response to those provocative conditions that are constantly repeated by Netanyahu and his cabinet to stop betting on a political settlement under the new US administration’ patronage , which is more biased to Israel than the previous one, and he asks to implement the Palestinian Central Council’s resolutions of which ending the security coordination with Israel, considering it as an Apartheid Colonial State, preparing for a national disobedience in combating the State of Israel, pushing the international community to Intervene and search for a political settlement aimed at ending the occupation as well as enabling the State of Palestine to exercise its sovereignty over all its occupied 1967 borders including East Jerusalem, and to guarantee the Palestinian people the right of self-determination and the right of Palestinian refugees to return to their homeland under the relevant UN resolutions, including 194.

Khaled added , “We have no choice but to change our policies with the Israeli government, and to prepare for a national disobedience in the face of the occupation being the main-essential political option to achieve our independence, and to get rid of the occupation, especially, following Netanyahu’s speech in which he said, our policy is to go ahead with building in the settlements built in the West Bank including Jerusalem, and that is irreversible policy. Netanyahu added, the West Bank is an Israeli land that we liberated from the Jordanian army 50 years ago, and the Palestinians have no choice but to recognize the Jewish State and its right to exist should they want to reach a final peace agreement with us.

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