Tayseer Khaled: Dismantling the UNRWA depends on the return of Palestinian refugees to their homes

Tayseer Khaled , PLO Executive Committee member , member of the Politbureau of the Democratic Front for the Liberation of Palestine described the Israeli PM Netanyahu’s call to dissolve the United Nations Relief and Works Agency for the Palestinian Refugees (UNRWA) during his meeting with USA Ambassador to the UNs, Nikki Hailey last week, as rude and provocative that aimed at eradicating the international witness of the Israeli war crimes and displacement of the Palestinian people from their cities and villages in 1948.

Khaled added, the United Nations Relief and Works Agency for the Palestinian Refugees was formed under UN General Assembly Resolution 302 of 1949 to take care of those Palestinians, who were expelled from their homes as a result of the massacres and crimes committed against them by the armed Zionist and settler gangs. Adding that its formation came within the context of the international obligation to provide basic services to them education, health care and social relief fields, until the State of Israel’s compliance to the UNS’ provisions to be accepted as a member should it allows the return of Palestinian Refugees to their homeland under the UN General Assembly under resolution 194, and that the General Assembly has the right to change the resolution.

Finally, Khaled also warned of the dangers resulted from the USA or other countries’ tantalization with the Israeli State or its Premier’s call to dismantle the UNRWA for Palestine Refugees, and to merge the Palestinian Refugees’ Cause with the UNs’ High Commissioner. He assured that the Palestinian Side will never sign any agreement anytime with Israel that stipulates to end our demands or to accept the Jewish State or to dissolve the UNRWA before reaching a just solution for the Palestinian Refugees under the UNs’ resolution # 194 that calls for their return homes, which they left by force.

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